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Our furniture is made mainly from Macrocarpa which is suitable for the outdoors, giving you a natural product with no chemicals etc. We also have other timbers available sometimes that are also suitable for the outdoors such as Redwood, Cedar and Lawsonia.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with high quality product made of solid timber from Big Slab furniture to very elegant outdoor Dining Suites which enhance your garden or decking area.

A great deal of our furniture is made by doweling it which gives you a stronger product and when Screws & Bolts are used we use Stainless Steel. We deal with the furniture from the cutting and milling of the trees - to the logs - to the timber - to the end product which is made by craftsmen to make a wonderful handcrafted and unique piece of furniture.

We can make to order:
Outdoor Furniture
Planter Boxes
Big Solid Slab Tables
Bench Seats
etc. etc.
(and if we don't have what you require, we may be able to make it for you).

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Timber Products

We specialize in Macrocarpa and can supply large beams and special furniture cuts and slabs.

We also supply native timber, firewood, shavings,and sawdust.

Please contact us for more information on timber.